Year One Evaluative Meeting

On March 28th, 2024, we held Year One Evaluative Meeting of Project F.A.I.T.H. to assess the project’s progress and discuss the way forward. The meeting was held virtually and was opened by Honorable Dr. Birhanemeskel Tena, President of Kotebe University of Education. He stated that eight deliverables of the project have been submitted so far and the project had received great commitment from its partners. This commitment is essential in transforming Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) in Ethiopia.
During the meeting, all partnering universities from Europe and Ethiopia as well as Ministry of Education presented first-year status and progress report of their work package – Work Package 2 (Development) presented by Natalya Sharovatova from Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences (OUAS), – Work Package 3 (Design and piloting) presented by Caroline Friedhoff from Centre for Higher Education (CHE), Work Package 4, 5 and 7 (Implementation, evaluation and community of learning) presented by Behailu Korma from Ministry of Education Ethiopia, Work Package 6 (Quality management) presented by Adanech Teshome from Wolita sodo university, Work Package 8 ((Dissemination) presented by Zufan Gebrehiwet from Jigjiga University, and Work Package 1(Coordination) presented by Dr. Almaz Wasse from Kotebe University of Education. In addition, External Evaluator Prof. Erwin Smet from University of Antwerp (UA) presented his reflection on the project quality.
In the end, Dr Ephrem Tekle, the Project Manager and the moderator of this meeting acknowledged the effort of all teams and mentioned that “Let’s keep the color of the project and move forward” because the project’s impact for Ethiopian Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) is enormous. Finally, the meeting was closed by Honorable Dr Eba Mejana, CEO Ministry of Education Ethiopia, mentioned that the project have full support of the Ministry to accelerate its effective implementation.
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